Bathroom Decor Trends 2021

AHAVTI Lifestyle loves all things bathroom decor, so it only makes sense that we keep a close eye on the upcoming trends. We have scoured the internet and magazines for the latest in styles, designs and materials that should be popping up all over your instagram feed soon (if not already!)

If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom space or just looking to be inspired - this blog post is totally for you. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of getting to fully update our bathrooms every season (but a girl can dream!)

Keep an eye out for some beautiful options from AHAVTI to bring the latest trends in bathroom decor to your own home!


Marble and wood are two natural materials that will be making a strong appearance this year. You can see it in flooring, wall accents, and even bathtubs! Your bathroom can become an elegant space or rustic depending on how you use these beautiful materials.

Marble + Wood Inspired Decor by AHAVTI Lifestyle


Plants are making a big impact on the bathroom design community. They can be potted, hanging from the ceiling, or part of your decor. Adding a touch of ‘fresh air’ to your bathroom, a live plant can truly brighten and liven up your bathroom space.

Botanical Inspired Decor by AHAVTI Lifestyle


While there are many designs set to be highlighted throughout the year, we have chosen one to focus on since we love it so much! The less-is-more minimalist style. Minimalist is not only in the amount of decor you have but also very much in the design - simple, not busy, but beautiful. Bring a calming atmosphere to your bathroom to create the oasis you have always dreamed of.

Minimalist Inspired Decor by AHAVTI Lifestyle

Color Themes:

You can go two very different directions with color schemes this coming year - dark colors or all white. Of course, it all depends on what type of vibe you are trying to achieve. Darker colors are great to use as an accent color whereas all white will give your bathroom a brighter, lighter look.

Color Themes Inspired Decor by AHAVTI Lifestyle