New Bathroom Decor Collection

Matching bath mats, kid's decor, and shower curtains galore! Here's what's new this month at AHAVTI Lifestyle.

We are working day in and day out, researching the best styles and designs, making sure your bathroom decor is fresh and relevant!

True, you could check AHAVTI everyday to see what's new, but you have a life. We get it! That's why you can just stop on by our magazine to see what's recently been added. So easy - we know!

This matching bath mat set was inspired by the humor in a relationship. Because isn't laughing together the cement for any amazing relationship? We think so! Laugh, smile, and giggle anywhere - even when you shop for bathroom decor!

Kid Bathroom Decor

At AHAVTI Lifestyle we believe you can have good style at any age! Don't sacrifice quality or design because it's for you child. Give your child a voice through decor by letting them browse through our bathroom decor section just for kids!

Botanical Shower Decor

For many, the shower is a place of calm and peace. Why shouldn't your shower curtain complement that? With a wide range of botanical shower curtains, from water color to print, we are confident that you will find a shower curtain that you not only love but will also bring you serenity!

We hope you enjoyed this month's collection. Let us know if you would love to see more of one design or style - after all, we do this for YOU, our beloved customer! And we would love to create more of what you love!