Cute kitten  personalized yoga/gym mat.

 One Size: 

24" wide x 70" long x 1/4" thick
Key Features:
✓ Includes 1.5" woven polyester carrying strap
✓Design on the front with white on the back
✓Heavy duty, but lightweight at 3.6lbs
✓Latex-free and free of heavy metals✓ Synthetic ECO-PVC✓ Durable and phthalates free✓ Non-toxic✓ Closed-cell construction✓ Odors free and hypoallergenic✓ Soft cushion✓ High-density cushion, joint protection, and unmatched support✓ Anti-slip surface✓ Printed and shipped from the USA✓ Proprietary dot patterned bottom prevents sliding
How To Customize:✓ You can personalize this yoga mat with your desired text.✓ Please add the desired text at checkout.

Cat Personalized Children's Yoga Mat

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  • Use warm water and dish soap and clean the mat with any additional liquids and stains.